New Victorian-inspired handmade jewelry in my shop

Yes, my new range of Victorian-inspired jewelry is finally photographed, edited, written about and listed in my handmade jewelry shop.

Below are images of some of the pieces. You can also view the whole Victorian jewelry range in my shop and see some photographs on my Flickr.

Handmade cameo pendant on rose petals by Simone Walsh.

This cameo pendant is probably my personal favourite from the new range. I think it captures the right combination of traditional and contemporary design that I was looking for in this series of jewellery pieces.

The pendant is made entirely from sterling silver. Both the entirely blackened background and the cameo profile have been etched with a beautiful damask-style pattern. The pendant is suspended from a sterling silver chain.

Handmade cameo earrings by Simone Walsh.

Here are the cameo earrings to match the pendant above. The earring panels swing freely from handmade ear wires.

Victorian cut out earrings by Simone Walsh.

This detailed metalwork pattern has been intricately sawn out of sterling silver to form these Victorian cut out earrings, which also feature handmade sterling silver ear wires. The earring panels are domed inwards which gives off some eye-catching reflections as they move.

Handmade Victorian cut out pendant by Simone Walsh.

Another personal favourite is this Victorian cut out pendant to match the above earrings. The pendant is suspended from black natural silk thread and has handmade sterling silver clasp findings.

Handmade etched leaves and flowers pendant by Simone Walsh.

This Victorian leaves and flowers pendant is part of a series within this range of etched pendants with 18ct gold highlights in the form of stylised leaves and decorative elements. I’ll feature some more of these pieces in my blog a bit later, but here’s one to take a peek at for now!

The pendant has been etched with a Victorian era engraving of a dense illustration with leaves and flowers. The recessed areas of the etching have been given a blackened but polished finish. The pendant is domed inwards and features an 18ct (or 18kt if you’re an American!) gold leaf design. It is suspended on a delicate sterling silver chain with handmade clasp findings.

Handmade picture frame pendant by Simone Walsh.

This picture frame pendant has been inspired by a very ornamental frame. The design has been intricately sawn out of sterling silver and the centre of the frame has been left empty so that the wearer’s clothing or skin will show through.

The pendant is suspended from a sterling silver chain which has been given a blackened but shiny finish and has handmade sterling silver clasp findings.

Handmade oval picture frame pendant by Simone Walsh.

Another picture frame pendant inspired by an ornamental frame, but this time in an oval shape and suspended from a black natural silk thread necklace, also with handmade clasp findings.

I’ll blog about more new Victorian-inspired designs soon, but for now have a look in my jewelry shop for the rest of the range.

New handmade jewelry – a sneak peek!

A selection of handmade jewellery by Simone Walsh.Finally I have a new range of handmade jewellery almost ready to put into production! And I thought I would share a sneak peak of this work with you.

This work is primarily inspired by my fascination with Victorian-era aesthetics – the mish-mash of cultural and historical influences, a hint of modernity and a strong connection between words (or ideas) and visual design and art.

There is also the mixture of culture with nature which seems to be so much a part of aesthetics from this period – something I also find endlessly fascinating.

Handmade pendants by Simone Walsh.

These pendants have all been created in sterling silver, with some featuring an 18ct gold (or 18kt if you’re American!) highlight, some suspended on sterling silver chain and some on black natural silk.

Many of the pieces are etched with a variety of designs; printed text, handwritten text, a damask-type pattern, an engraved image of plants and more. Some of the etching has had the recessed areas blackened, while some have had these areas left a silver oxide white.

Handmade earrings by Simone Walsh.

The earrings are all made entirely from sterling silver, again with some of the etched areas blackened and some whitened.

In addition to the Victorian-inspired pieces, I’ve also created a pair of butterfly wing earrings to match my butterfly wing pendants – one of my most popular designs.

Unique handmade jewelry by Simone Walsh.

As yet, none of this work is listed for sale in my handmade jewellery shop. There’s still a fair bit of work to do to get to that point: creating a few more pieces, photographing each piece of jewellery properly, selecting and editing the photographs, pricing each item and – finally – listing it in various outlets.

I’ll let you know right here once they’re ready for sale. But for now you can see more images of this new work on my Flickr.