Final Christmas pudding coins!

The final Christmas pudding coins I’m planning to make this season are now available in the shop!

Best of all you can nab a set at a special end of year discount!

Handmade Christmas pudding coins in fine silver.

The coins have been hugely popular again this year, so get in quick!

Quick and easy Christmas pudding

In case you’re worried that you haven’t made your pudding yet – or if you feel daunted about making one at all – the coin sets each include my family’s recipe for Christmas pudding. The recipe is very easy to make and is best made on the day.

It’s also a Depression-era recipe which is accidentally vegan – and delicious!

There’s also a recipe for my Nana’s very indulgent (and very non-vegan!) brandy sauce, which is best made the day before Christmas.

Christmas pudding coins back in stock!

And they’re bigger and better for 2013!

Handmade Christmas pudding coins in fine silver.

My sets of six handmade silver Christmas pudding coins are always very popular in the lead up to Christmas. Last year I really struggled to keep up with demand and it took months for my poor hands to recover from all the sawing and filing!

So this year they’ve been redesigned to be bigger, rounder – and less taxing on my hands to make. Plus I’ve started making the coins early this year to ensure I have plenty of sets available.

What are Christmas pudding coins?

In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s an old tradition in Australia, the UK and other Commonwealth countries to put silver coins or tokens into Christmas puddings, with the idea being that if you find one or more in your slice of pudding it will bring you good luck in the new year – particularly in relation to money.

Once decimal currency was introduced in Australia in the 1960s it became more difficult to keep the tradition alive as modern coins are made with base metals and aren’t safe to use in this way.

As my own family’s stash of vintage silver coins began to dwindle I made a set of handmade pudding coins in pure silver for my Mum to use. I then had requests from friends and family to make more sets. Eventually I started selling them through my handmade jewellery shop and now they’re one of my most popular items each year.

About the sets

Each heirloom quality set of Christmas pudding coins comes with six handmade coins in pure silver, which are each etched with a different vintage illustration. Accompanying the coins are my family’s recipes for an unusual but delicious (and accidentally vegan!) Christmas pudding and very indulgent (and not remotely vegan) brandy sauce.

The coins come packaged in a sturdy white box made from recycled card, which is tied with a festive red and white grosgrain ribbon.

Have a look at the Christmas pudding coins. If they are sold out then click to join the notification mailing list to be the first to know when they’re back in stock.

Christmas pudding tokens

I’ve just relaunched my Christmas pudding tokens (coins or charms) for the 2012 festive season!

These are always one of my most popular items at this time of year, however, this year they’re being featured in the Christmas issue of House and Garden magazine, which is out in early November.

So if you’d like a set I suggest you get in early as I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with demand, given the sets are all handmade!

Christmas pudding coins, charms or tokens in pure silver.

What the tokens are for

If you’re wondering what the tokens are for, in Britain and various commonwealth countries it’s been a long-standing tradition to put silver coins or tokens into Christmas puddings, which are then served to guests on the big day. The idea is that if you find one or more tokens in your slice of pudding, it will bring you good luck for the following year – especially in relation to money.

In my family we used silver sixpences and threepences when I was growing up. However, this tradition started dying out when real silver coins were replaced by modern coins made with base metals, which are toxic to use in cooking.

So I decided to make a pure silver set etched with vintage Christmas illustrations for my Mum to use in her puddings. I got a lot of great feedback about them, so decided to put them into production.

About my tokens sets

My tokens come in a set of six which are accompanied by recipes my family’s easy to make Christmas pudding and delicious brandy sauce.

View the Christmas pudding tokens.

Christmas pudding tokens now available

Christmas pudding tokens, charms or coins.One of the most popular handmade items in my shop at this time of year are the Christmas pudding tokens I make.

I’m happy to say that they are back in stock ready for the festive season!

The pudding tokens are all etched with a variety of vintage Christmas illustrations and are made using pure silver, so they’re safe to use with food.

The tokens come in a set of six, along with a copy of my family’s Christmas pudding recipe (which can be made on the day!) and delicious brandy sauce recipe.

The tokens come in a padded box so you can keep them safe when not being used.

You can find the tokens here: