New necklace clasps

Just so you know, I’ve recently started using hinged sterling silver clasps for all of my necklaces rather than the handmade shepherd hook clasps I was previously using.

Lobster clasp on a pendant chain.   handmade-chain-clasp

The lobster clasp on the left is now used for all regular pendants and chains in the shop. And the bolt clasp on the right is used for all handmade chains, including bracelets.

Both of these clasp designs are sterling silver and provide extra security for your handmade jewellery. And no longer making clasp findings myself means I will have more time for working on finished jewellery pieces. Yay!

2 comments for “New necklace clasps”

  1. I been looking more study clasps for bracelets & necklaces

  2. Look forward to seeing more finished jewellery pieces form you in the near future!

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