Be a Christmas earlybird!

Christmas for me always gets increasingly hectic as we get closer to the big day, especially as a lot of customers leave their Christmas shopping until the last possible moment.

So to encourage you to shop early this year here’s a super special 15% discount code: earlybird13.

But be quick – the code expires this Sunday, 17 November!

Visit the handmade jewellery shop.

Handmade jewellery designs by Simone Walsh.

One comment for “Be a Christmas earlybird!”

  1. I know how you feel! although in the last few years it has been steady since November onwards right up till Christmas when it goes mad and you basically have to turn down lots of orders because you just can’t make them in time that’s what we encounter every year and you just feel like screaming LOL. From what I hear here in the UK this year is that it is going to be frantic late shopping which I have to say not looking forward to it. You have some lovely pieces here, Really love the Butterfly necklace.



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