New mini-range of handmade jewellery

As I posted recently, I’ve been spending a bit of time playing around with some iconic geometric shapes recently. Mostly this was for a bit of a distraction, but I was happy with the results.

So I’m pleased to announce that these pieces have been turned into a mini-range of new handmade jewellery which is now launched!

A selection of new handmade jewellery designs.

All of the designs are handmade in my lovely little studio and all are made in sterling silver.

You can find the mini-range right here in the handmade jewellery shop!

2 comments for “New mini-range of handmade jewellery”

  1. The jewellery pieces that you have designed are really awesome and very fashionable. I love this new collection of yours and will surely get one.

  2. Wow! Those handmade jewelleries are really awesome. The designs are just simple but unique. Love it!



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